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Make sure you are running Continuum as at least 16 bit. 8 bit is possible, but you have to check your /etc/X11/xorg.conf (or other) configuration file to make sure you have 8 bit resolution listed. The best way to check for 8 bit support, if you can't set your desktop depth to 8 bit through display options, its not set in your configuration or your X driver isn't capable. (One might ask why you are trying to run in 8 bit resolution)

If having problems with sound, run winecfg (if you have it installed), check to make sure you have the proper wine sound driver, and switch hardware acceleration to emulation.

Chat window will not appear when you Alt-Tab. This is because Continuum doesn't understand that it is minimized under Wine, so it will never start the chat window.

Alt key does not function properly if it is bound to another XIM like kinput2 (e.g. tried to bring up map).

If connecting to a zone causes you to login as ^Banned, please run winecfg and go to the drives tab, select drive_c, Show Advanced, and change the Serial to a random number greater than 2000.

Problems Needing A Fix


wine loads "wineoss" driver disregarding configuration.

Continuum will not display "news and events" when connecting to a zone

Continuum will not run in full screen mode on Ubuntu.

Wish List


Add a wine configuration check and/or winecfg to be run from mini-dist of wine.

Please feel free to email suggestions for further improvement

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